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Helen Anne Travis covered breaking news for five years at the Pulitzer Prize-winning Tampa Bay Times. Her work has since appeared in CNN, Globe and Mail and The Guardian, among other publications.

Banking On Rio, Austin-American Statesman

A land of superlatives, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is home to some of the world’s best sights, nightlife and beaches. The city’s jaw-dropping landscape and laid back lifestyle lure more than a million visitors each year.

But Rio’s banking on more.

Billions of dollars have been invested to prepare the city for the World Cup in 2014 and two years later, the summer Olympics. Visitors today will find a city that’s increasingly easier and safer to navigate than ever.

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Hops and History in Tampa, Florida For Yahoo Travel

Downtown Tampa has changed. Just a few years ago, the urban core was a ghost town on nights and weekends. But thanks to a few pioneering business owners and an ongoing series of city projects, downtown and the surrounding districts are now the place to be.

Great news because these are the most historic parts of the city. Within just a few miles of each other are the one-time cigar capital of the world, the former headquarters of the Spanish-American War, and the landing site of the world’s first commercial flight.

Today, these historic sites are getting new life. Brewers, restaurants, and hotels have set up shop in Tampa’s oldest and most significant buildings. Here’s to a history and hops-filled Thursday night in Tampa.

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Grand Bazaar To Portobello: The Best World Markets, Royal Caribbean


No place sums up a destination quite like its local market. Here, the stories of a city’s history, culture, and cuisine are told by displays of dusty antiques, bins of curious trinkets, and rows of delicious food stalls.

For the traveler, a market reveals a destination’s essence with sensory experiences a museum or city tour would be hard-pressed to deliver: the aromas of unfamiliar roasting meats, the accents of hawking vendors, the awe of finding an ancient relic on sale.

We’ve rounded up the world’s best bazaars, all located in Azamara’s port cities, to show how a trip to the market is the best way to dive into a new culture.

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