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Jessica Spicer, Social Media & Internal Communications Specialist, AVI-SPL

“Helen Anne is one of the hardest-working, most dedicated employees I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Despite a heavy workload (which she manages with seemingly super-human ease), Helen Anne is always willing to offer help to coworkers in need. Her sunny demeanor makes her a terrific office-mate. She is also a great writer, able to change her tone from business-like to funny/clever as the job requires. I would absolutely recommend Helen Anne for anyone who wants a smart, driven, charming team member.”

November 2, 2011

Ashley Scullion, Recognition & Inspiration Specialist at Kforce Inc.

“I had the pleasure of recently working with Helen Anne on a writing piece for Kforce Stewardship and Community efforts. It is sometimes difficult for outside contract writers to Convey a true sense of what Kforce’s culture is like, however Helen Anne was able to accomplish that and much more. Her professionalism and end product exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with Helen Anne in the future.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value”

May 18, 2011

Audrey Garber, Inside Sales Representative, AVI-SPL

“Helen Anne is always very professional at work and very easy to work with. She is always one to bounce ideas off of, and will give honest, but not harsh, feedback if the idea needs some work.”

May 17, 2011

Irma Davila, Marketing, St. Petersburg Times

“I am pleased to have worked alongside Helen Anne as she started her journalism career at the St. Petersburg Times. Her talents go far beyond written words. She is detail-oriented, trust-worthy and personable – three very good characteristics in a co-worker and employee.”

May 17, 2011

Paul Trusik, Online Creative Manager, AVI-SPL

“Since knowing Helen Anne, I’ve realized her news/reporting background made her the perfect candidate to investigate relevant topics in any industry or business. She was able to dive right into the job and, in the first few months, did so much research behind tech gadgets in the audiovisual realm, Helen Anne seemed to know more about field than a lot of her colleagues who were even selling the technology!!

Her enthusiasm to learn and understand the material makes her online interpretation of content easy for our web patrons to consume. Helen Anne is always eager to be a part of teams and ideas behind bringing new content to our online stores, and being open-minded enough to ‘massage’ that content to fit a spread of online demographics/users.

Always professional and courteous of others, her smile brightens any room and makes it a pleasure working with Helen Anne; despite any stressful team deadlines and deliverable tasks.”

May 11, 2011

Morgan Watkins, Student, University of Florida

“Helen Anne mentored me during my time at the University of Florida, providing insight and advice about journalism as both a business and as a craft. She worked with me through a mentor program that was set up by the Journalism and Communications Ambassadors at UF, of which I am a member. She provided spot-on editing advice for several of my articles and gave me many useful tips on breaking into the industry and improving my skills as a reporter that I still refer to when working for my college paper and various internships.”

May 3, 2011

Margaret Grobisen, Director of Recognition & Incentive at Kforce Professional Staffing

“Whenever I need an “interesting-to-read” employee profile I immediately call Helen Anne. She has such a wonderful way of setting people at ease. Employees that have been interviewed by her tell me that talking to Helen Anne is like talking to a friend. She knows how to draw them out and how to really get at what makes them interesting and unique. The reader feels like they’ve gotten to know the employee after reading a profile written by Helen Anne. I highly recommend Helen Anne!

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative”

May 12, 2009

Lyra Solochek, Editor at the St. Petersburg Times

“Helen Anne has a knack for bringing out the character of the people she portrays in her stories. Be it a young man selling Playboy magazines to fund a trip, or a collector parting with his Jim Beam decanters, her conversational tone makes the subjects approachable and interesting. She works hard and goes out of her way to fit extra stories into her busy schedule.”

April 28, 2009

Jon O’Neill, Producer at Big Machine, Los Angeles, former editor at the St. Petersburg Times

“I could not recommend anyone more highly than Helen Anne. She’s developed into a first rate reporter and writer, bursting with ability, enthusiasm and great ideas.

When it came to cops, Helen showed a knack for getting people to open up to her, even in the most difficult of times.

That skill served the Times well. But Helen Anne really excelled by coming up with cool, unusual and different ideas and approaches to stories – something we sorely need around here. For example, her “scarecrow stuffing” story (an advance to a run of the mill Dade City event) was quirky and cool enough to earn an honorable mention in the How I Wrote the Story contest.

That was just a taste of things to come. Let’s see: the girl who gave away her birthday presents; the beer runners; the tough gifts; the goat farmers; the pig bathing party; the hang over cure; the professional Santa. All were stories Helen Anne either dreamed up or found on her own. All were well done and added a special edge to our section.

In addition, stories such as these have helped Helen Anne develop her unique writing voice, something that will only get stronger as she continues to find and write these offbeat (and totally readable) stories.

I believe that Helen Anne really is a new breed journalist – comfortable rolling on breaking news, equally skilled at taking a small idea and enterprising it into the kind of story that brings readers in, and just as skilled at writing for an advertiser or client in any form needed. I would hope that others will recognize her considerable talent and put her on a path where she will continue to be challenged, and continue to grow.”

April 13, 2009

Jay Cridlin, Editor at tbt*, a free daily published by the St. Petersburg Times

“Helen Anne has been an awesome piece of the tbt* puzzle since its early days.She’s always had a keen eye for trends and destinations that impact young readers.

A piece about offbeat outdoor date ideas for young couples? No problem. A package of tips on how to survive in the real world if you’re under 25 and making $25,000 or less? Piece of cake. For months, Helen Anne also composed tbt*’s weekly “Buyware” column, a popular shopping feature about cool fashion and decor stores in and around Tampa .

Frankly, if Helen Anne wasn’t so good at her day job covering “actual” news, I’d say she should be doing this all the time!”