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Case Study: Casio Green Slim Projectors

Casio turned to ProjectorPeople.com to launch their new Green Slim projector, the first projector to forgo the traditional mercury lamp for a new LED hybrid light source. Casio’s new hybrid light source was more environmentally-friendly than its predecessors. And since it lasted 10 times longer than traditional bulbs, this projector line would also save consumers time and money in the long run.

We developed a marketing plan that consisted of banner advertisements, paid and organic SEM, email communications, blog and social media placements, and site merchandising.

We targeted presenters who would appreciate the convenience and cost-savings of this new technology. We advertised on sites geared toward higher education, government and corporate integrators. We also made sure ProjectorPeople.com banners appeared on Casio Green Slim reviews and content. I positioned ProjectorPeople.com as the experts on this new technology.

The Casio Green Slim projectors became an instant top seller. We had strong click through rates and our initial blog post on the new technology remains in the top 10 Google search results.