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Marketing Portfolio

Case Study: Casio Green Slim Projectors

“Casio turned to ProjectorPeople.com to launch their new Green Slim projector, the first projector to forgo the traditional mercury lamp for a new LED hybrid light source. Casio‚Äôs new hybrid light source was more environmentally-friendly than its predecessors. And since it lasted 10 times longer than traditional bulbs, this projector line would also save consumers time and money in the long run.”
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Case Study: 3D Projection

“The movie Avatar was a game changer for the projector world. Suddenly, our customers wanted 3D projection for home theater, and they wanted it now.
There was only one problem. When Avatar was released, no high quality 3D projectors existed. The only 3D-ready projectors on the market could not output in HD, a must for our home theater customers.”
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Client: ProjectorPeople.com Cyber Monday Sale

“Our Cyber Monday 2010 and 2011 sales broke all previous sales records.”

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